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Motion X-ray Assessment


                        objective, evidence-based cervical diagnosis

cervical x-ray diagnosis
whiplash diagnosis

Cervical Motion Reporting (CMR) is a noninvasive radiologic imaging tool that shows continuous X-ray images that come together in a motion picture. The motion X-ray serves as a vital tool to allows our radiologists to view weight-bearing range of motion (ROM) in real-time. The evaluation gathers over 2,000 pictures and 7 ranges of motion to accurately diagnose cervical ligaments.




A 10-15 page report is generated to detail the findings. The video and still images of the X-ray along with the reports are emailed to approapriate party.


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The DXD objectively computes

impairment-ratings by dynamically assessing musculoskeletal structures by capturing articular motion through stress views of the spine. These stress views allow our radiologists to determine whether the vertebrae are hyper- or hypo-mobile and quantify ranges as normal (0-1mm), abnormal (1.0-3.5mm) or ratable (3.5mm+) -- as defined by the AMA. 




A 12-14 page report is generated to objectively detail and correlate the findings with the AMA Guidelines and determine impairment ratings.

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The Cervical X-ray Assessment (CXA) is a comprehensive motion X-ray evaluation of the C1-7 ligaments coupled with an objective, evidence-based impairment-rating reporting software.  

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No  problem! The DXD impariment-rating software overlays any X-ray image to

provide you with the a more objective diagnosis. 

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