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impairment ratings


power in documentation

DXD is the industry's premier cervical impairment-rating reporting software.

AMA's objective measures

An abnomality, as defined by the American Medical Association, is an anterior/posterior slippage in the cervical spine exceeding 3.5mm and angulation (posterior wedging) exceeding 11 degrees. DXD diagnoses and measures these spinal abnormalities, correlates its findings with the AMA Guidelines and reports proper impairment-ratings with detailed precision. DXD coupled with the Motion

X-ray (CMR) quantify the alteration of motion segment integrity in ways standard X-rays, MRIs, and CT scans cannot.

DXD analyzes three different ROM -- neutral lateral, flexion lateral, and extension lateral. The three most vital ROM in deciding impairment. DXD takes the images from the motion X-ray, mesures the defected ligaments, set by the AMA, and

computes an evidence-based impairment-rating which is used to quantify injuries for proper diagnosis.  


While the DXD works most effectively with the motion X-ray (CMR), due its advanced ROM capabilities, the DXD can be

integrated with static X-rays, as well. Without DXD, you and your clients are missing out on potenital settlement dollars.

whiplash x-ray

Case studies with subsequent changes in compensation because of DXD:


 11/11: Case# 1000-1422:

  • Initial offer: $7,000

  • Diagnosis: 2 disc HNP, ligament laxity in cervical(s)

  • Jury awarded patient: $75,000


8/12: Case# 08-CA-030416:

  • Initial offer: $40,000

  • Diagnosis: 3 disc bulges in Cervical and Lumbar, surgery in Lumbars 10 years prior, and ligament laxity

  • After deposition patient received: $212,000


18/13: Case# 12-CA-0011711:

  • Initial offer: $7,000

  • Diagnosis: 4 bulges in cervical(s) with ligament laxity

  • Jury awarded patient: $100,000


3/13: Case# 11-07311-CI-8:

  • Initial offer: $11,000

  • Diagnosis: 4 bulges in cervicals with ligament laxity, no neuro/surg. consult, no injections, no chiropractic care

  • After deposition patient received: $42,000


case studies


"As an orthopedic surgeon, I am convinced that the accurate measurement of cervical instability patterns is fundamental

to full evaluation of impairments in future care requirements of cervical spine injuries" 

Dr. Conrad | Board Certified, Othopedic Surgery

"The results provide the patient with information on their condition, yet still provide attorneys the raw data on segmental instability that they need to do their job. The software provides meaningful, easy to understand data on impairment ratings."


Dr. Major | Major Family Chiropractic Center

"We send the report with our inital treatment to the insurance companies. They comment

on how they have never seen such impressive reports."

Dr. Zwirn | Axis Chiropractic & Rehab Center

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Motion X-ray

CMR's motion X-ray provides you detailed

reporting of 7 cervical ROM


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